Hello Demons, it's ya boi

You can call me Syv! I'm 28 years old and I live in The Netherlands. Ever since I saw Super Pig & Card Captor Sakura on TV when I was younger I have been a big fan of all things magical. My journey was an arduous one, but I have learned a lot along the way. I can't believe it's been 14 years already! I like to incorporate a little bit of everything to make a perfect mash of things that work for me. Right now this includes King Mammon as my patron demon, Arcanua; the Dutch goddess of light, mystery, death & magic together with Dutch folklore to reconnect with my heritage, 'owomancy' as I am a big fan of including everything mahou shoujo & the good ol' spirit work; the one thing that sparked this passionate flame.

Why owomancy?

After all these years of stumbling in practices I felt like I had to do because they were more 'legit', I decided it was enough. If I don't have a passion for it, it just doesn't work! Hence, I started to do my own thing and I gave the thing a name: owomancy. I can't take all the credit for the name however, as it is derived from the internet insult 'uwumancer' which is often thrown at beginners of witchcraft or people whose practices are more cutesy and inspired by pop-culture. I took the term 'owomancer' because I don't like the term witch, magician & sorcerer for myself. It's a bit silly which I think fits well as I tend to not be too serious about this whole thing either! You want to summon a video game character? Sure, let's do it. Do you want to use Pokémon cards for divination? Why not!

What else?

Beyond the occult persona I am a humble librarian! I cook up programs like a D&D Adventurers Guild and Pride for adolescents & adults. I also help the library with social media like Discord & Instagram.

My hobbies include painting, singing, taking photos, writing stories & poetry next to slaying on the rift in League. I am a very creative person and will use many forms to express myself. Besides that you might see me read occult books on occasion to soak up new info I'm interested in.

This website came to be because I have this innate urge to share my passion and experiences, but I am often daunted by how often one should update and share on social media platforms to stay relevant. The (mostly self-imposed) pressure ends up getting to me and stops me from doing what I love. Next to myself and my own practice I love to give a platform to friends to share their own practices & experiences if they want to.

Hence, this website! Welcome to my corner of the internet ^ ^)/

Other info you might like:
  • I am an Aries
  • I am Non-Binary
  • I have two cats Angel & Naruko (♰)
  • My favorite Pokemon is Espeon
  • If it ain't a Star Guardian I don't main it uwu