Clairaudience: Experience & Research

clairaudience /klɛːrˈɔːdɪəns/

  • the supposed faculty of perceiving, as if by hearing, what is inaudible.

It's been a good 12 years since clairaudience showed up in my life. Clairaudience is what I mainly use to communicate with entities. And recently, I use it in divination to strengthen my intuition. Many people feel their intuition, but since I have clairaudience it is linked to hearing yes or no - rather than feeling it.

When I first started experiencing clairaudience I was quite surprised and a bit scared. I wasn't scared of the entity nor the nature of the voice since I grew up in a family where paranormal things were deemed normal. However, I was very aware of mental health and what it could mean in the field of psychology. I know I am not alone in experiencing these feelings. It's quite often that you'll see someone doubting their skills and their practice's legitimacy in spirit work discords. I double check myself extra on bad days to make sure there is a difference to be found. Although, it has taken quite a bit for me to get here and it didn't really start until I started teaching in this field for a while.

So, how did I find this discernment in something as vague as spirit work, astral work & clairaudience?

Mapping The Experience

The first thing I noticed when I actively started looking into my own experiences is that I feel "images" on different places. If I think about something myself like an image, text or sound I will feel it in the front of my head. If I'm astral travelling (I think too much during discernment to project) I noticed it "comes in" from the top of my head. In my own experience, there is a distinct line between these two. I can't push a thought of my own "up" - so to speak. As for when I talk with my companions I don't feel anything unless I focus, but it's different than with astral travel. If I focus on hearing "astrally" my ears will start to tingle and I hear a wind type noise softly surging outside of my ears. If I don't focus I don't really feel it coming from anywhere.

There are some clear differences though, thankfully. Companions I have been friends with for quite a while are easier to hear and some I hear in their (supposed) voice. While with other companions or entities it's like the entity is talking but my own voice is layered upon it mimicking the entity. If a hello sounds like me and I can already feel it in the front of my head on its own I know it's just my brain filling in the gaps.

The back of my head I call "The Lounge". It is a place that I can visit whenever I please and often go to during meditation. Other names for it are mindscape, the imagination, etc. It is all the same. There isn't a lot in there if you're curious; just an igloo shaped terrarium with a bed, a book closet & Ila who hangs around. It's from here I hear my intuition speaking. When it does it's always one or two words in a very strong, clear & assertive voice. I have considered it may be my daimon, but I haven't reached out yet nor read enough about it to be certain.

So far, when I hear this voice it's to make me attentive of something. One day while I was playing a game my boyfriend was hanging up the laundry. When I heard him close the door of the washing machine I heard "Forget" in my head. Whenever this happens I always entertain the idea, because my default thought is that no way it is true. But, to my surprise I found a boxer he had forgotten to hang. It also tends to come through sometimes when I walk past the coffee shop. I'll hear a friends name and decide in the moment to just go with it and get some smokables. On such a day my friend surprisingly comes over to smoke while normally he can't hangout on that day. However, the situation where it happens the most is when I do divination. The voice will say "Reversed" when a card is meant to be reversed. So far, it has all hit home, even for strangers.

None of the voices I hear are audible. The only time I do is when I almost fall asleep. When I'm tired I start to see shadow figures with my "mind's eye" as well, but that's because at such a time my imagination has more space to move. I don't entertain these things because I'm pretty sure they're not real. And even if they are, I don't care. The worst that can happen is that I get a nightmare or I feel a bit sluggish the next day.

Looking Around

I can map my experiences all I want, but at the end of the day I wonder if anyone else had similar experiences. I asked around a bit in discord and close friends who also communicate via clairaudience.

Although not many people replied I did get some answers! Out of the five people I spoke with only one person heard the voices from outside themselves. The person who heard the voices audibly also heard a different voice, while the other three and myself hear the voices with our own inner voice or as a mix of the two. One person had a bit of both where they hear it inside their head but always hear a different voice. For me, I only hear a different voice when I have spoken with the entity a lot whilst someone else only hears a totally different voice when it's a deity communicating with them. One of the four people also said they experienced a voice from the back of their head talking to them sometimes like I do.

I often see videos on tiktok where people claim that they hear a ringing in their ear before (a) spirit communicates with them. Personally, I do not have this experience and no one else I've spoken with has mentioned it either. I do experience ringing in my ear, but it's nothing more than that.

That's all I have for now! I hope that as time goes by I'll have a bit more jotted down, but I was really excited to at least share what I experience. Maybe others experience it too! I really wonder.

This post was originally posted on October 19th, 2021

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