Common Entities & How to deal with them

As a spirit worker I've found three types of common entities that people will face at one point in their craft.

The Negative Entity

I'm personally not a big fan of this name, but 'Absorber' doesn't have as much of a nice ring to it. Although 'negative entity' is mostly used as an all encompassing name for anything that's bothering you online - in this blogpost I'm specifically talking about the types of entities that feed off you; whether intentionally or unintentionally. So, how do you know if you have a negative entity hanging around you?

The biggest factor of these type of entities is that they don't want to be seen since they're hungry and you are their snack. For this reason they take it slow and can be difficult to spot - especially if you are a beginner. The effects of this are tiredness and sadness and can become heavier over time. Another way to spot them is to check your plants. If you take care of them it should be strange the leaves are hanging low all of the sudden. There are some rare cases that an entity or spirit is around who doesn't know they are draining and it's why I don't recommend banishing right away. To be honest, you don't even have to banish the ones who are intentionally doing this. I've found that these types of entities tend to hang around beginners the most because they haven't really practiced discernment yet and will generally fuck off if you give them a good scolding and show them you aren't to be messed with. Confidence is key sometimes!

The Trickster Entity

The Trickster entity is an all encompassing title because I have seen them showup in two ways. The first way is the good ol' Poltergeist who rattles your pots and pans. The other way is the deity impersonator who is pretty common on platforms like witchtok.

The main thing of these entities is that they want your attention whether this is through fear or reverance. Try to stay as calm as possible when dealing with these type of entities and if you don't want their company - demand them to leave. I will note that although I start out with an ask followed by a demand with these types of entities, 8 out of 10 times it always results with a banishment. In my experience arguing with them is just not worth it - even if you only say "Leave" and varations of it for 30 minutes straight.

The Lurker Entity

The Lurker entity is in my opinion one of the entities who rarely does harm. Any entity or spirit can be a lurker and their motive for this can vary widely. One time as a teenager while I lived in Amsterdam an entity followed me home and it turned out it just wanted to talk in the end. There are also times they'll be lurking at your wards. It's up to you what you do in such a situation - I tend to strike up a conversation if I'm in the mood for it, and when I'm not I'll just ask them to leave. It isn't often that you have to be harsh and assertive with these type of entities.

All in All

Every new situation needs a new assessment on how to go about it. I've written about ADB before, but it's relevant so I'll do it again. First I ASK the entity to leave, then I DEMAND the entity to leave and if that doesn't work - I BANISH the entity. You don't have to follow this format religiously, but I found it a nice outline that could help! As for the effects of a negative entity - I'd treat it more as a just in case than a sole reason for said sadness & tiredness. It's good to check how you've been doing the past week of it happening. Stress and lack of sleep can do a number on us as well!

This post was originally posted on December 21st, 2020