Emoji Spells

Anyone who has been on witchblr long enough will have seen emoji spells come and go. You either loved them or hated them. I didn't entertain emoji spells too much at the time. I remember having a job interview and being really nervous, so I made one spell post for the sake of it. Not remembering the results and being ever so curious I decided to retry this particular spell work to see if there's really something here.

From what I've seen

Emoji spells have a simple structure. The post would contain a title of what the spell is for & a chain of emojis with text beneath it stating "like to charge / reblog to cast". Although the emoji spell posts were rampant I've never actually seen anyone post about how they really worked for them. Honestly, it feels like people reblogged and liked them either for the sake of it or just in case it would actually do something.

What I've done

I have to admit I did this outside of its original structure and I have my reasons for it. I have no intention nor reason to go back to tumblr; let alone to e-beg for a spell work experiment. In my personal opinion if emoji spells are legit they should work in general - not just with mass likes & reblogs. After that decision it was verily easy. I picked emojis to make certain spells and tried to charge them either via focus or via action. Now I just had to wait for the result.

cramp go awaypng

Cramp Go Away Emoji Spell

This one sounds kinda stupid and to be honest - it is. I was waiting for the postman and when he rang the bell I got up the wrong way which cramped my calf to hell. I managed to get the package through all the pain, but it was utterly terrible. Wanting to experiment with emoji spells anyways I decided this was the perfect time to start, thus I made this. Sadly, the cramp didn't go away until the next day.

Did it work? Kinda.

package come quickpng

Package Come Quickly Emoji Spell

Back in April I ordered some books to read and review, however I am currently still waiting on the last book of the batch. I made this spell with the intent to have the book a little bit before it's delivery date to see if it could do something like this. I charged it two times via both ways and I'm still here - waiting.

Did it work? No.

sweet dreams emoji spellpng

Sweet Dreams Emoji Spell

My last idea was to do an emoji spell to give me nice dreams. I charged it every night in case I needed to and hoped for the best, but I still got no results. The first night I dreamt nothing. The second night I dreamt about Dead by Daylight (I'm playing that a lot lately). The third night I dreamt there was a zit on my double chin and when I popped it I could see my tongue. It was unpleasant to say the least. The fourth night I had a stress dream because I was really worried about something. And the fifth night I had another weird dream which was pleasant nor unpleasant. Even now when it's a couple days after the fifth night I still had no sweet dreams.

Did it work? Sad to say, but no.


Emoji spells were a total bust for me. It could be for a myriad of reasons. Maybe I charged them wrong, maybe it was the lack of connection with emojis, maybe I just misunderstand this area of technomancy or maybe they really do only work in their original structure. However, because of this experiment I have been reading more about technomancy itself and it does sound interesting! Emojis aren't totally meh in the end. They could be used as a part of a spell. But, I don't think I'm using them myself anytime soon.

This post was originally posted on June 4th, 2021