Exploring the Manifestation Life

This post contains adult topics. Reader discretion is advised.

Manifestation has been all the rage as of late. Ever since I have joined Tiktok & Twitch back in 2020 I have seen and heard it everywhere. I haven't done manifestation often. The only thing I have done is a money spell I found on Tumblr back in 2015 when I wanted to sell some of my stuff, but beyond that I have never felt the need to pull out magick to get something. However, I'll admit all the ongoing talk about it on social media made me curious, so I decided to try it out in my own ways. We have already established emoji spells did not work for me, so I did not try them again.

Starting Small

One of the first ways I tried manifestation, in its spiritual sense, was with a technique my companion Lowe taught me. Law of attraction, luck & manifestation are things he excels at. Personally, I'm not a fan of the law of attraction because on the surface it just looks like wishful thinking and giving meaning to things that for me don't hold any meaning at all. I am a tad bit pessimistic in that sense, but so far it works for me. There was a time I was stressed about money that I was supposed to have, but it still hadn't come in yet. Lowe calmed me down by helping me envision the money coming in. With every inhale I had to imagine the name of the type of money coming in (f.e allowance, salary, etc) and with every exhale I had to imagine the money flowing out. He admitted this tiny technique only worked if things were already set in motion. Thirty minutes before they closed off for the weekend I got the money in my bank account. I have yet to try this technique again, so if you end up using it let me know if it worked for you!

Manifestation via sun water was another low effort way of getting what I want. I made a small sun/light altar in my living room just for these occasions! That, and I want to honor light more. As a teen I despised the sun and its daylight, so having an altar dedicated to it as an adult feels kinda ironic. The spell in itself is not that difficult. You boil water with pink salt, stir counterclockwise 3 times to banish and cleanse all unwanted things. Afterwards you put it in a jar (I have mine labelled with the day and what part of the day), stir clockwise with a cinnamon stick 3 times and charge it in the sun. When I pull it out for manifestation I sprinkle it with mint and stir with a coin until I think it's ready to drop. While I stir I think of what I want continuously. You can make it as specific or as vague as you want. Personally, I went with one word; 'prosperity', 'community', etc. In my experience I have always gotten what I wanted, but you could argue it's because I left it vague. I don't really mind, as long as I had a sense of prosperity at the end of the day when I asked for it, it's a success in my book. 

Pulling Out The Big Guns

When I was seriously considering experimenting with manifestation to write about it, one of the things that instantly popped up was the method that involved an orgasm. A bit of a taboo topic, I know, but so far it worked 5 out of 6 times. Now you may ask, but Syv, on what did you use it so often? Well, it was a certain game where you throw in-game & real money at it and hope for the best. It probably sounds super silly, but that was the point. I wanted to experiment with something where it didn't matter as much if it didn't work (but I secretly still really wanted the limited characters). The 5 times where it worked I basically won the 50/50 back to back and the one time it didn't is when I lost.

The last way I experimented with manifestation was to, quite literally, pull out the big guns. I worked my ass off to get what I wanted. I made videos for tiktok, streamed on twitch, tried to post on my blog as often as I could, cleaned my house, went to an art market to sell my paintings or go to a paranormal convention to do readings for people, initiated contact with friends and strangers alike, etc. You get the gist of it. At the end of the day it wasn't really an experiment, rather, it was a desperate attempt to get something more out of life than just gaming. And it was a raging success let me tell you. However, the ironic part of all this was that especially during these times people I got a tarot reading from would tell me I was really good at manifesting the life that I wanted. It often left me frustrated because all the manifestation videos on tiktok talk about imagining things, writing things down, affirmations, etc. And here I was just doing the work in the physical realm. There was nothing spiritual about it so why were people calling it manifestation? I wasn't magickally wishing for anything.


In retrospect I realize these things go hand in hand. I can magickally try to get a limited character all I want, but if I don't actually put hours in the game I won't even stand a chance on getting them. I can wish to reconnect with old friends and make new ones, but there's a big chance if I don't start the conversation and go out there, nothing will happen. Intention is a great start, but without any sort of effort it just goes to waste. All these methods and prolonged experimentation time helped tremendously with personal insight, to say the least.

This post was originally posted on September 8th, 2022