Getting out of a Spiritual Slump

It's been a while, huh?

I've noticed that my urge to share on spiritual topics comes in waves (and is pretty much dead during the winter). I've struggled a bit more than usual this year because I've been dealing with some things from the past. They all involve my practice one way or another, so it's hard to do spiritual things with these conditions. However, since I have given it some time and used things like painting to cope, I feel a lot better and ready to hit the spiritual road again! In this blogpost I want to share what slowly helped me get out of this slump. Maybe they'll help you too (or remind me in the future lol).

The Practical

The first thing I did was take a shower. I know how that sounds, but it is truly so rejuvenating! I combine my shower with a cleansing ritual. It's nothing fancy, since I just sing along with this playlist, but it does wonders for me. I cleaned up my house and opened up the windows more often to help with things feeling fresh. I started offering drinks to the demons I work with again to let them know I'm still willing to work on myself and work together, but I wasn't ready to fully communicate and commit yet. A healthy sleep schedule also helped a lot with getting out of the slump. Being awake at night is great to talk with friends about what's bothering you or holding you back. But, being awake on the day actually helps to spring back into action. You could also do something like journaling in relation with spirituality, but I haven't this time.

The Spiritual

A while after I picked up the pace IRL I communicated with some of the infernal divine I work with and continued where I left off. I contacted some of my companions again as well to explain my sudden radio silence. The last time I've seen them was around winter solstice! All in all, I had a lot of catching up to do. When I finished getting up to speed I slowly dipped my toes back into astral travel. I have lost a lot of focus over the months, so meditation is also back on the menu. But, they are small things that help with getting back into the mindset of spirituality. A daily divination practice helps a lot, also!

Honestly, start small if you are getting out of a slump. Setting up goals that are too big might just demotivate you entirely. If your practice revolves around Green Witchery try reconnecting with your plants for example. I could throw myself back into my studies & research, invite spirits over all the time, astral travel every night, etc. But I'll just be overwhelmed. I do aim to get back to that, however I'm taking it slow.

The Controversial

This may be controversial depending on your stance on the topic, but I do want to share since it helped me tremendously. Weed. Now I honestly don't really smoke, but yesterday one of my friends brought over space cake and I tried a piece. I wasn't really expecting anything in the form of help, but because it was such a comfortable high I managed to get things done I was having trouble with in every day life. Whatever was holding me back to really get back into my practice just wasn't there anymore. I started up two paintings, reached out to Lord Azazel and tried to astral travel to meet up with friends. I can't say if the last part worked because I fell asleep, though. But honestly, it helped me in more ways than one. At one hand I yapped away all night with my friend about all the things I had stuck inside my head for a while and revisited my love for sharing folklore and occult topics. And on the other hand it got me sleepy enough to kick start a normal sleep cycle the next day which helps everything else.

I don't need space cake to keep doing spiritual things, but it definitely gave it the jumpstart I needed.

This post was originally posted on April 12th, 2022

DISCLAIMER: You don't need drugs in order to be spiritual or do spiritual things. I am a 28 year old person who knows their own limits. Don't do it if you don't want to. If you experiment start small.