Janna's Warding Wind

Today I want to share with you my cleansing spell based on Janna's eye of the storm.

You'll need:
  • Dragon's blood (protection & purification + general boost)
  • Juniper (anti theft & protection against accidents)
  • Thyme (purification & psychic cleansing)
  • Parsley (hex breaking & protection) 
  • Lavender (purification & house blessing)
  • Storm water (strength & force + general boost) *optional
Start with the dragon's blood resin since this is your base, but don't over grind it or it might get sticky from the heat. When you've done that add the juniper (I used berries) & thyme and after grinding a short while add the parsley and lavender! Since I used dried juniper berries they have a pungent smell so just keep that in mind in terms of smell!

Before I got charcoal disks I used to wet my incense (just a little bit!) to be able to form it and put them into silicone molds. If you want them to dry quicker put them on 50 ‎°C (122 ℉ ) in the oven and leave the door open so the moisture can escape. If you do this I highly recommend storm water! (But also, because I personally work with Thor)

Don't forget to open your windows. Especially when you use a charcoal disk.
The smoke from that was intense.

Happy Cleansing!

This post was originally posted on July 30th 2020