Lost in the moment

This is a spell that uses the power of raw emotions to help release some pain during a tough period in your life. This is not a substitute; it’s an addition.

I recognize this spell is not for everyone. This is how I personally deal with intense pain. Please use with caution. Make sure you have someone to fall back on when you get overwhelmed. People care about you.

What you will need:

  • pen & paper
  • a candle (color code it if you like)
  • music that makes you feel
  • room with good ventilation


Before you start the spell sit down and relax. Remind yourself that whatever you are going to feel and whatever thought is going to cross your mind it is only for the moment. It is going to be intense, but this moment will pass. Tomorrow there will be another day. You are going to feel raw emotion; not act on it.

If you can not keep this in the back of your mind please do not continue.

  1. Now it’s time to set the mood. Put music on related to your pain. Hear the words. Let the memories come back. Feel the pain that is amplified.
  2. Get your pen & paper and start writing. Write everything, deep down to the nitty gritty. It doesn’t matter if it’s unreadable, shameful or hurtful.
  3. Cry! Scream! Sing! Curse! It doesn’t matter! Get lost in the raw emotion of your pain. Allow yourself to be sad, to be hurt, and to heal in the end.
  4. When you are done writing try to calm down for a bit. Read back what you wrote if you need to. If you need a friend or deity, contact them. It’s all ok.
  5. Light your candle and burn the paper.
  6. You let everything out and for now there is nothing left. That’s ok.

You are going to be okay.

This post was originally posted on July 8th 2020