On Spirit Guides by Luna Shield

Luna is a witch, energy worker & spiritual consultant who has 12 years of experience working with spirit guides & 16 years of experience working with aura & energy work. As my friend, she has helped me meet one of my own and I am delighted she is willing to share her knowledge with us!

A guide’s form

Spirit guides come in many forms, they can be as grant as the mighty whale or as humble as a simple ant. Spirit guides are beings from the spiritual world. They are helpers by nature. We see them as guides as they help guide us along our path both in the physical world and the spiritual one. A guide will always be with you if you need them, and connecting with one increases the amount of help they can bring. It is therefore important that the wishes of a guide are followed. I will explain more about this later on. For now I want to talk about the form the guide takes.

They come in many shapes & sizes; some even change over time. The form a guide takes is often deeply connected to the person they wish to help. Some may see their guide as an angel descending upon them to aid them. Others see them as an animal, running, flying or even swimming through the air around them. Some guides even take the form of plants, flowers or rocks. The guide takes the shape that most deeply connects with you as in this way they can help you the most.

A guide’s help

A guide is there to help you. It does so because it wants to help you. However a guide isn’t an omniscient being. It helps you with the experience it has and the knowledge it possesses. To put it simply a guide can be just as wrong as any physical being. It is therefore recommended to always take the advice and think clearly about it, not blindly follow it.

The wishes of a guide

Guides are beings from a spiritual world, as such they have their own wishes and their own thoughts on many subjects. Some guides will lay down rules of sorts should you wish to gain their help. These rules can be things like, not being allowed to speak their name to anyone, having to make an offering on certain days, or they may want you to stop consuming certain foods or drink. A guide can be strict about these wishes or not all. They might only be out to help you without any wishes at all. The most important thing to remember is that you are asking for their help and advice, so they lay down the rules for this interaction.

How do you go about asking advice?

Many guides will enjoy giving you their advice, as long as you are polite about it. Like asking a friend to help with chores, it is important to know how deep your relation goes, and what you can ask of them. A deeper connection may lead to you being able to ask bigger questions of the guide. Most importantly it is to realize that the guides are like friends, not servants. If a guide feels unwanted, unappreciated, or if they feel wronged in any way, they will most likely move on. They can stop communicating all together, leave you forever, or go as far as to warn other guides about you. When first approaching a guide it is vital that you be humble, and seek to build up your relationship with your guide. Once your relationship has been established and your guide has told you their wishes, you can ask advice freely.

A guide can be a wonderful companion, a friend, and a great advisor, so always try to maintain your relationship as such. I hope that in the future your guide will be there to help you.

You may have noticed there isn't a how to in this post. Luna believes finding your guide is a very personal thing and has offered to help those who wish to find their own. You can contact her by email: lunathepurple@gmail.com.

This post was originally posted on August 2nd, 2023