Ways to Communicate with Entities

There are many ways to communicate with entities, although some methods are more favorable than others. Here is a list of a few common ones that could help you along the way!


Cartomancy is by far my favorite way to communicate with entities besides clairaudience. The reason for this is because I like the randomness factor that in its own way always hits the nail on the head. When I use a deck of cards to communicate with someone I 'channel' their energy into the cards, shuffle and lay down whatever number is appropriate. This isn't always necessary of course because I do readings for people without channeling their energy or having them shuffle the cards, but I like it for the process of elimination.


I really like shufflemancy because you can get some interesting results. I have a playlist called Greg which used to be my gaming playlist with over 300 songs. I made it because I filled a lot of my days around that time with League, but one day I decided to try out shufflemancy with it and it hasn't disappointed me since! My favorite moment with shufflemancy was when I was wondering whether or not to get a binding for a potential companion and I got Hypnotize by The Notorious B.I.G. I was confused but also amused.

Ouija Board & Pendulum

I'm putting these two together because I'm not a fan of them for the same reason. If you've researched Ouija before you probably heard about 'the ideo-motor effect'. The gist of it is that we make movements unconsciously which influences something like the planchette or the pendulum. I tried to battle it with the pendulum via making a pendulum bottle but so far it hasn't produced great results. It either doesn't move or only moves the way I kicked it in. Ouija also has the tendency to give gibberish a lot of times when trying to communicate with entities. I personally only do it for fun not expecting too much out of it.

Spirit Box

I don't have too much experience with these. My friend uses an app on his phone a lot to try to communicate with it. The times I used a spirit box it took a really long time to get somewhat of a response out of it. The best response I've gotten was when I said hello I got a hello back and as the stations kept switching I got a "[name] come here!" (I forgot the name he said) verily quick after.


Meeting an entity in your dreams is weird, but I do like it! I don't know how other people experience it, but I can share mine. It started out as a normal dream which was an obvious dream because it had characters of Black Sails in it (I was watching the series a lot with friends at the time). I used a fake name in my dream and at some point a guy I was talking to told me he knew it wasn't my real name. His remark made time stop and the scenery of the dream just disappeared. I won't go into the conversation itself since it's personal, but it was quite an experience! Of course not every ol' dream where people are in is a dream where you're meeting someone, but that's something to figure out for yourself. I tend to use cards or talk to a friend of mine to hear her input if I'm unsure.

Honorable mentions

Libanomancy (smoke) and Astralagomancy (dice) are two not well known forms, but still interesting nonetheless! I've used incense smoke to try and communicate with a Sylph. A straight line was for yes and curling smoke was for no. Friends of mine have tried using dice where a certain number or set of numbers would mean yes and others would mean no. You could probably try bibliomancy as well, but I personally haven't tried it for communication with entities. Another one I see online a lot is using a candle flame, but it tends to be wishywashy for me. However, the possibilities are endless!

In the end I'd say using the clairs is the easiest, but that might not always be possible.

This post was originally posted on June 12th, 2021