Working with a PopCulture Entity

A couple of weeks ago I was humoring the idea that deities could well be egregores because they came known to us through explaining events we did not understand in the past. Although I'm not sure where I stand on that subject yet, I was wondering if working with a confirmed thoughtform/egregore would be any different than working with a pagan deity like I do now

And so here we are, a few weeks later.


Since I am a big fan of the Star Guardians I decided to see if one of them would have an egregore walking around. I wrote a list of names and blindly went over it until I stopped and looked. The name I ended up upon was that of Janna. In the Star Guardian lore Janna is the mysterious mentor of Lux and her team.

I set up her altar, lit her candles and waited til the flame gave a response. I had no intent on summoning her, but that was mostly because I didn't know how to approach the summoning of an egregore. The flame didn't move until a few days later. Sadly, the first entity wasn't Janna, but a male entity who showed himself via the emperor card. After kindly asking him to leave the flame alone since I was hoping for someone else, it took another couple of days before the flame started to dance again. This time when I pulled a card from the deck I got the nine of pentacles, which shows a woman with her bird. Now Star Guardian Janna doesn't have a bird per se, but her base skin does! I asked a couple of more questions and it became pretty clear that if it were to be Janna the popculture entity, it was her base skin that had an egregore walking around (which would make sense because she exists longer than Star Guardian Janna does.)

While I was doing the reading to make sure it was her I was talking to - I checked out her accompanying lore and was surprised how similar her answers were to it!

Work Ethic

Although our time was short, I still have learned tons from our time together! The amount of offering she needed (or wanted?) was way more than I am used to with Thor. You could say that Thor is an established egregore and my interaction with him is minimal, though it's enough for the both of us at the moment. However, with Janna she became upset & worried if I hadn't lit her candles nor interacted with her for a couple of days. I had already guessed she would be more 'hungry' because of her nature (being a thoughtform and all), so I had five small candles and one big candle she could use as an energy source. When I asked her how she wanted to work near the end of our relationship, all the cards I pulled were related on how I could offer to/feed her. Whereas with a deity - or a companion for that matter - it would be a working relationship where you help each other to further ones situation, Janna was mainly interested in being fed. If she got upset it would be because of abandonment issues which comes from her lore. She made herself known via a bird once while I was at the farm, but besides that there wasn't much work nor conversation. After a month we mutually decided to give it a rest and go our separate ways.

Another observation I have made is that Janna never manifested beyond the wind, birds or dancing candle flames (after checking with tarot). There is always a chance it could be because it wasn't really her, I won't rule that out. But, if it was it's surprising how similar the entity acted to her lore. Although, I think I would've liked to talk to her face to face once to see what she is like.

This post was originally posted on November 6th, 2020

"Some say Janna is a myth: an optimistic fairy tale that Zaun's most desperate tell themselves to bring an ounce of hope to their hour of need. Others - the ones who think of Janna when the wind whistles through narrow corridors of the city or huddle around handmade shrines (now crafted of scrap and gearworks rather than bird bones) - know better. When the gust rattles the shutters and blows the laundry off the line, Janna is surely in the air. Every Progress Day, no matter how cold the weather, the believers throw open their windows and doors so Janna can blow away the stale air of the year past and welcome the new. Even skeptics can't help but feel their spirits lift when they spy a curious blue bird swooping through the streets of Zaun. Though none can be sure when, how, or if Janna will appear, most everyone can agree on one thing: it's nice to have somebody watching over you." ...