Zoe's Nightmare Bubble

Today I want to share a hex I made based on Zoe's Sleepy Trouble Bubble.

You'll need:
  • Bread Seed Poppy Pod (Sleep)
  • Violets (Peace, Sleep & Hope)
  • Roses (Divination, Harmony, Tranquility, Protection & Psychic Abilities)
  • Lavender (Harmony, Peace & Tranquility)
  • Snapdragon (Protection from illusions & deception)
  • Bay leaf (Success) *optional
  • Something nasty or sour *optional
  • Tag lock
  • Dark purple or Black candle
Cut open the seed pod, and dunk the seeds in your mortar & pestle. If you need to burn your tag lock, burn it and put it in your mortar & pestle. Grab your flowers, burn them as well and put them with the rest. If you're wondering why we are burning them it's to take out all their good associations. We burn violets & lavender to invoke a restless sleep (but they'll sleep nonetheless because of the poppy seeds), snapdragon to make sure the illusions go through, roses so it isn't instantly noticeable via psychic investigation nor divination and we burn the optional bay leaf for a bigger chance of success. So, if you want your target to have insomnia I recommend using the bay leaf. Write "insomnia" on it, burn it and add it to the pile. You can do it with "nightmares" too, but in my case I don't think that's necessary.

As you grind think about what you want your target to dream about. Then, when you're done, pour everything back into the seed pod & seal with candle wax!

If you want the hex to bother the person only a short while you can bury it in the ground. The pod will decompose naturally! However, if you want them to be plagued by inescapable nightmares I recommend to just put it in a dark unreachable place somewhere.

Happy Hexing!

This post was originally posted on July 30th 2020