Ahri's Star Charm Spread

Ever since the Star Guardian skins came out in 2016 I have been obsessed with them. I buy the skins, I buy the figures, I re-read the lore for fun, my avatar is based on their design, etc. I mean, OBSESSED. What I really like to do, as a part of owomancy, is make up spells & spreads related to the Star Guardians. Today, I can finally bring a new one to the table after Janna & Zoe; Ahri's Star Charm Spread! (Charm not included, but I'll make another post once I've made one).

The idea behind it

Ahri is the Team Captain of the second Star Guardian group. She's cool and intimidating (from Lux's POV) and seems to have it all figured out. However, behind the cool demeanor is a heart hardened by grief. She (when she got released) lost Neeko, Xayah & Rakan on a desolate monster planet before leading the new team and has little time left for soft words of comfort. Tough love is all she's got.

I made the spread with this in mind. The goal of the divination session is to know how to be more charming and what doesn't help you in that regard. The answers I've gotten for friends & for myself are uncomfortable and in your face, however a fierce critic also gives fierce compliments. The first, fifth and the last three cards are there to remind you that you're not starting from zero. There are already things that people like about you and some even look up to you for. Don't ever forget that!

Because Ahri is based on the Gumiho there are nine cards in total; one for every tail. When you use her 'E' (also known as her Charm) in the game some of her tails will curve into a heart-like shape. I found it very cute and wanted to add it to the spread. I hope this will help you to be more charming!

It's time to upgrade your E!

ahri readingpng
  1. What draws people to you?
  2. What about you is intimidating instead of charming?
  3. What can you change to be more charming?
  4. What mindset doesn't help you?
  5. What can people learn from you?
  6. What will make you feel better in general?
  7. 8. 9. What is charming about you that you don't know yet?